ENGL 3047
Digital Games
September - December 2017
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Lecture schedule

Sep 6Introduction
Sep 11Pac-Man
Aarseth, “Introduction: Ergodic Literature” (online)
Sep 13Robot Unicorn Attack
Frasca, “Simulation versus Narrative” (online)
Sep 18Portal
Sep 20Portal 2
Sep 25Portal and Portal 2
Jenkins, “Game Design as Narrative Architecture” (online)
Sep 27Thomas Was Alone
Oct 2Plants vs Zombies
Oct 4Plants vs Zombies
Juul, “Introduction” (online)
Oct 16Anna’s Quest
Oct 18Anna’s Quest
Oct 23Half-term test
Oct 25World of Warcraft
Oct 30World of Warcraft
Nov 1World of Warcraft
Simons, “Narrative, Games, and Theory” (online)
Nov 6Minecraft
Nov 8Minecraft
Nov 13Minecraft
Bogost, “The Rhetoric of Video Games” (online)
Nov 15BioShock
Nov 20BioShockterm essay due
Nov 22BioShock
Tavinor, “Bioshock and the Art of Rapture” (online)
Nov 27Spore
Nov 29Spore
Dec 4Half-term test

Marc R. Plamondon, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Nipissing University