Marc R. Plamondon
Assistant professor (contract) and researcher in Digital Humanities
Department of English
Nipissing University

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ENGL 1036: Topics in Literature: Dark Nights and Dark Knights
ENGL 2267: Contemporary American Literature
ENGL 3036: Topics in Media Studies: Music Videos

ENGL 2007: British Literature after 1800
ENGL 3346: The Romantics
ENGL 3606: Popular Culture: Animating Satire

Classes this week
ENGL3036Sep 17Female bodies
Kinder, “Music Video and the Spectator: Television, Ideology and Dream
• “Like a Virgin” (Madonna; 1984)
• “My Humps” (The Black Eyed Peas; 2005)
• “Gorilla” (Bruno Mars; 2013)
• “Hotline Bling” (Drake; 2015)
ENGL1036Sep 18Batman: Hush
ENGL2267Sep 18Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925)
ENGL3036Sep 19Male bodies
• “Give It Away” (Red Hot Chili Peppers; 1991)
• “I’m Too Sexy” (Right Said Fred; 1991)
• “Rock DJ” (Robbie Williams; 2000)
• “Sexy and I Know It” (LMFAO; 2011)
ENGL1036Sep 20Batman: Hush
ENGL2267Sep 20Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
Classes next week
ENGL3036Sep 24Male bodies
Mulvey, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema
• “Eyes without a Face” (Billy Idol; 1984)
• “Love Will Never Do (without You)” (Janet Jackson; 1990)
• “Ex’s & Oh’s” (Elle King; 2014)
• “I luh ya papi” (Jennifer Lopez feat French Montana; 2014)
ENGL1036Sep 25Newton, Essays from the Minister of Defense, pp. 1-15
ENGL2267Sep 25Miller, Death of a Salesman (1949)
ENGL3036Sep 26Female bodies
Vernallis, “The Aesthetics of Music Video: Madonna’s ‘Cherish’
• “Cherish” (Madonna; 1989)
• “Nothing Compares 2 U” (Sinéad O’Connor; 1990)
• “Intuition” (Jewel; 2003)
• “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” (Beyoncé; 2008)
• “All About That Bass” (Meghan Trainor; 2014)
ENGL1036Sep 27Eliot, “Rhapsody on a Windy Night
ENGL2267Sep 27McKay, “If We Must Die” (1919)
McKay, “The Lynching” (1920)
Hughes, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” (1921)
Cullen, “Yet Do I Marvel” (1925)
Hughes, “I, Too, Sing America” (1926)
Hughes, “The Weary Blues” (1926)

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