ACAD 1601 W11: Academic Writing: January - April 2016
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Lecture schedule

Jan 20introduction
Jan 22effective words, effective sentences
Jan 27bibliographies
They Say / I Say chapters 1-3
Jan 29response and citations
They Say / I Say chapters 4-7
Feb 3essay structure
Feb 5proofreading, peer-review, and documentationresponse essay first submission
Feb 10library session #1
Feb 12workshop first essay
Feb 24academic dishonesty
Handbook chapters 35 and 36
reading: Orwell
Feb 26reading: Gillam and Woodenresponse essay final submission
Mar 2mid-term test
Mar 4library session #2
Mar 9research essays
Handbook chapter 33
reading: Carron and Dennis
Mar 11I Am Malala (parts 1 and 2)
Mar 16I Am Malala
Mar 18I Am Malalabibliography
Mar 23academic writing and academic conversations
They Say / I Say chapters 9-10, 14
Mar 30introduction to rhetoric
reading: Hirschkind and Mahmood
Apr 1reading: Bourgonjon et al.
Apr 6review
Apr 8end-of-term test
Apr 13workshop research essay
Apr 15digital media writing
They Say / I Say chapters 13
Apr 19writing consultationsresearch essay

Marc R. Plamondon, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Nipissing University