ENGL 4886: Digital Worlds: September - December 2014
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Lecture schedule

Sep 9Introduction
Sep 11Background
Mumford, “Utopia, The City and The Machine” (online)
Sep 16Simulacron–3: Redefining godleader: Julia
Sep 18Simulacron–3: Digital world work
Sep 23Simulacron–3
Tolkien, “On Fairy Stories”
presenter: Jessica
resp: Drew
Sep 25“True Names”: Digital fantasy
Sep 30“True Names”
Bachelard, chapter 1 (first three sections) and chapter 9
presenter: Julia
resp: Ryan
Oct 2Neuromancer: Body, gender, and sex
Oct 7Neuromancer: Digital and natural imageryleader: Brooke
Oct 9Neuromancer
Foucault, “Different Spaces”
presenter: Brittney
resp: Jessica
Oct 21Baudrillard, “The Precession of Simulacra”
Baudrillard, “Simulacra and Science Fiction”
presenter: Drew
resp: Julia
Oct 23The Matrix: Baudrillardian worlds
Oct 28The Matrix Reloaded: Remythologizing
Dodge and Kitchin, “Geographies of Cyberspace” (online)
presenter: Ryan
resp: Brooke
Oct 30The Matrix Revolutions: Digital and mechanical imageryleader: Drew
Nov 4Snow Crash: Hiro and YT as heroes
Nov 6Snow Crash: The geography of the metaverse
Nov 11Snow Crash: Contagion and control
Nov 13Snow Crash
Soja, “Simcities”
presenter: Brooke
resp: Brittney
Nov 18Second Life
Nov 20Second Life
Nov 25Tron: The bifurcated heroleader: Ryan
Nov 27Tron: Legacy: Heterotopias and fertilityleader: Jessica
Dec 2Ready Player One: Real and digital landscapesleader: Brittney
Dec 4Ready Player One: Identity and heroism

Marc R. Plamondon, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Nipissing University