ENGL 3036: Graphic Novels: September - December 2013
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Lecture schedule

Sep 9Introduction
Sep 11Background
Sep 16Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Sep 18Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Sep 23Watchmen (chapters 1-6)
Sep 25Watchmen (chapters 1-6)
Sep 30Watchmen
Oct 2Watchmen
Oct 7Ghost World
Oct 9Ghost World
Oct 21Mid-term test
Oct 23Maus I
Oct 28Maus I
Oct 30Maus II
Nov 4Maus II
Nov 6Fun Home
Nov 11Fun Home
Nov 13Fun Home
Nov 18Essex County
Nov 20Essex County
Nov 25Essex County
Nov 27American Born Chinese
Dec 2American Born Chinese
Dec 4Review

Marc R. Plamondon, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Nipissing University