ENGL 3036: Digital Anxieties: January - April 2013
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Lecture schedule

Jan 7Introduction
Jan 9Background
Jan 14“Is Google Making Us Stupid?”
Jan 16Background
Jan 21The Dumbest Generation (introduction to chapter 2; 1-69)
Jan 23The Dumbest Generation (chapter 3; 71-111)
Jan 28The Dumbest Generation (chapter 4; 113-161)
Jan 30The Dumbest Generation (chapters 5-6; 163-236)
Feb 4You Are Not a Gadget (part I; 3-72)
Feb 6You Are Not a Gadget (parts II-III; 75-147)
Feb 11You Are Not a Gadget (parts IV-V; 151-207)
Feb 13Mid-term test
Feb 25Alone Together (introduction to chapter 4; 1-81)
Feb 27Alone Together (chapters 5-7; 83-147)
Mar 4Alone Together (chapters 8 to 11; 151-228)
Mar 6Alone Together (chapter 12 to end; 229-305) / presentations
Mar 11Reality is Broken (introduction and part 1; 1-115)
Mar 13Reality is Broken (part 2; 117-215)
Mar 18Reality is Broken (part 3 and conclusion; 217-354)
Mar 20Reality is Broken / presentations
Mar 25World Wide Mind (prologue to chapter 4; 1-73)
Mar 27World Wide Mind (chapters 5-8; 74-138)term essay due
Apr 3World Wide Mind (chapters 9-12; 139-206) / presentations
Apr 8Review

Marc R. Plamondon, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Nipissing University