DIGI 2305: Digital Humanities: September 2012 - April 2013
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Class schedule

Sep 11Introduction
Sep 13Introduction to Digital Humanities
Sep 18Introduction to Digital Humanities
• Smith, Martha Nell. “Democratizing Knowledge.” Humanities: The Magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities 26.5 (2005): 12-15. Print. online (FIXED LINK)
Sep 20Introduction to Digital Humanities
• Unsworth, John. “What is Humanities Computing and What is Not?” Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie 4 (2002): 71-84. Print. online
Sep 25Background to print media
• Wikipedia: “History of books
Sep 27Background to print media
Oct 2Background to digital media
• Wikipedia: “Computer”: introduction and “History of computing,”
Oct 4Background to digital media
Oct 16The Internet and World Wide Web
Oct 18Web 2.0
• Wikipedia: “Web 2.0”: introduction, “History,” and “Characteristics.”
• Wesch, Michael. “The Machine is Us/ing Us” YouTube online.
Oct 23Digital identity
• Dominick, Joseph R. “Who Do You Think You Are? Personal Home Pages and Self-Presentation on the World Wide Web.” Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 76.4 (1999): 646-58. Print. online | online
Oct 25Digital identity
Creative Learning
Gulliver’s Quality Books and Toys
Oct 30Text analysis: introduction
• Rockwell, Geoffrey. “What is Text Analysis, Really?” Literary and Linguistic Computing 18.2 (2003): 209-19. Print. online
Nov 1Text analysis: Google Tools
Nov 6Text analysis: text encoding and XML
Nov 8Text analysis: text encoding and XML
Nov 13Text analysis: XML and XSLTfirst assignment due
Nov 15Text analysis: online tools
• Sinclair, Stéfan. “Computer-Assisted Reading: Reconceiving Text Analysis.” Literary and Linguistic Computing 18.2 (2003): 175-84. Print. online
Nov 20Text analysis: computational stylistics
• Craig, Hugh. “Stylistic Analysis and Authorship Studies.” A Companion to Digital Humanities. Eds. Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth. Oxford: Blackwell, 2004. Print. <www.digitalhumanities.org/companion>. online
Nov 22Text analysis: further examples
Nov 27Text analysis: in-class workshop
Nov 29Visualization
Dec 4Visualizationsecond assignment due
Dec 6Mid-term test
Jan 8Digital security, privacy, and accessibility
Jan 10Social computing
• Bennett, Lucy. “Music Fandom Online: R.E.M. fans in pursuit of the ultimate first listen.” New Media & Society 14.5 (August 2012): 748-63. online
Jan 15Social computing
• Papacharissi, Zizi, and Maria de Fatima Oliveira. “Affective News and Networked Publics: The Rhythms of News Storytelling on #Egypt”. Journal of Communication 62.2 (April 2012): 266-82. online
Jan 17Social computing and text analysis
Jan 22Social profiling
The Numerati
Jan 24Social profiling
The Numerati
Jan 29Image analysis
Jan 31Music analysis
Feb 5Human-computer interactionthird assignment due
Feb 7The study of gaming
• Rockwell, Geoffrey. “Gore Galore: Literary Theory and Computer Games.” Computers and the Humanities 36.3 (2002): 345-58. Print. online
Feb 12The study of gaming
• Apperley, Thomas H. “Genre and game studies: Toward a critical approach to video game genres.” Simulation & Gaming 37.1 (March 2006): 6-23. online
Feb 14The study of gaming
Feb 26The posthuman
• Porush, David. “Post Media Human Modern: How Nature Was Finished When It Invented the Human Brain.” The Yearbook of English Studies 37.2 (2007): 146-63. online
Feb 28The posthuman
Mar 5Social profiling and posthuman
Mar 7Social profiling and posthuman
Mar 12Digital pedagogy
Mar 14Digital pedagogy
• Grue, Dustin, Teresa M. Dobson, and Monica Brown. “Reading practices and digital experiences: An investigation into secondary students’ reading practices and XML-markup experiences of fiction.” Literary and Linguistic Computing prepublished online (18 January 2013). online
Mar 19Hypertextfourth assignment due
Mar 21Hypertext
• Hayles, N. Katherine. “The Transformation of Narrative and the Materiality of Hypertext.” Narrative 9.1 (Jan. 2001): 21-39. online
Mar 26Hypertext
• Jhave. Teleport: A tiny tale of inter-body tourism. 2006. bleuOrange 4 (2011). online
• Galand, Maxime. “name dropping.” bleuOrange 6 (2012). online
Mar 28Copyright and open access
Apr 2Review
Apr 4Review

Marc R. Plamondon, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Nipissing University