ENGL 3036: Digital Anxieties: September - December 2011
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Course description

The digital world is vast and dominant. From personal computers and the Web to smart phones and SMART boards, digital technology now invades our lives: for an increasing portion of the population, it is a necessary medium of communication and an essential source of information. Many people agree that the digital world’s impact upon society is significant, though not all agree upon the nature of that impact. Some embrace the digital world as revolutionary and as the beginning of a brighter tomorrow, while others prophesy the downfall of language, learning, individuality, and humanity in general. This course will study reactions to, both for and against, the importance and influence of the digital world and its component media. We will read five to seven books, most published within the past two years, focusing our attention on the arguments being made and the rhetoric used to present those arguments. Our discussions will revolve around topics such as identity, creativity, reality, education, and language. We will have plenty of opportunity to discuss the importance and impact of individual digital media such as the Internet (including web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia), electronic books, computer games, smart phones, and electronic gadgets.

Marc R. Plamondon, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Nipissing University