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Reading schedule

Sept 16 Smith, Martha Nell. “Democratizing Knowledge.” Humanities: The Magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities 26.5 (2005): 12-15. Print. online
Sept 21 Unsworth, John. “What is Humanities Computing and What is Not?” Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie 4 (2002): 71-84. Print. online
Sept 23 “book,” New Encyclopædia Britanica 2: 369-70.
Sept 28 Wikipedia: “History of books
Oct 5 Wikipedia: “Computer
Oct 7 Wikipedia: “Computer program
Wikipedia: “Turing machine
Wikipedia: “Turing test
Oct 26 Poritz, Jonathan A. “Who Searches the Searchers? Community Privacy in the Age of Monolithic Search Engines.” Information Society 23.5 (2007): 383-89. Print. online
Oct 28 Wikipedia: “Web 2.0
Wesch, Michael. “The Machine is Us/ing Us” YouTube online.
Nov 2 Dominick, Joseph R. “Who Do You Think You Are? Personal Home Pages and Self-Presentation on the World Wide Web.” Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 76.4 (1999): 646-58. Print. online | online
Nov 4 web site: Average Joes
web site: Twiggs
Nov 9 Boon, Stuart, and Christine Sinclair. “A world I don’t inhabit: disquiet and identity in Second Life and Facebook.” Educational Media International 46.2 (2009): 99-110. online
Nov 11 Jordan, John W. “A Virtual Death and a Real Dilemma: Identity, Trust, and Community in Cyberspace.” Southern Communication Journal 70.3 (2005): 200-18. online
Nov 23 Rockwell, Geoffrey. “What is Text Analysis, Really?” Literary and Linguistic Computing 18.2 (2003): 209-19. Print. online
Nov 25 Sinclair, Stéfan. “Computer-Assisted Reading: Reconceiving Text Analysis.” Literary and Linguistic Computing 18.2 (2003): 175-84. Print. online
Sinclair, Stéfan. “HyperPo.” <tapor.mcmaster.ca/~hyperpo>
Nov 30 Craig, Hugh. “Stylistic Analysis and Authorship Studies.” A Companion to Digital Humanities. Eds. Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth. Oxford: Blackwell, 2004. Print. <www.digitalhumanities.org/companion>. online
Dec 2 Hardy, Thomas. “The Son’s Veto.” Life’s Little Ironies. online (35-52) | online
Feb 3 Rockwell, Geoffrey. “Gore Galore: Literary Theory and Computer Games.” Computers and the Humanities 36.3 (2002): 345-58. Print. online
Feb 10 Porush, David. “Post Media Human Modern: How Nature Was Finished When It Invented the Human Brain.” The Yearbook of English Studies 37.2 (2007): 146-63. online
Feb 15 Bartlett, Laura, and Thomas B. Byers. “Back to the Future: The Humanist Matrix. Cultural Critique 53 (Winter 2003): 28-46. online
Mar 8 Hayles, N. Katherine. “The Transformation of Narrative and the Materiality of Hypertext.” Narrative 9.1 (Jan. 2001): 21-39. online
Mar 17 Willinsky, John, Sally Murray, Claire Kendall, and Anita Palepu. “Doing Medical Journals Differently: Open Medicine, Open Access, and Academic Freedom.” Canadian Journal of Communication 32.3/4 (2007): 595-612. online
Mar 29 Richtel, Matt. “Hooked on gadgets and paying a mental price.” Intermedia 38.3 (July 2010): 14-19. online
Apr 5 Graham, Lynda. “It was a challenge but we did it! Digital worlds in a primary classroom.” Literacy 43.2 (July 2009): 107-14. online

Class schedule

Sep 14Introduction
Sep 16Digital Humanities
Sep 21Digital Humanities
Sep 23History of the book
Sep 28History of the book
Sep 30Class cancelled
Oct 5History of the computer
Oct 7History of the computer
Oct 19World Wide Web: history and design
Oct 21World Wide Web: use and limitations
Oct 26World Wide Web: security, privacy, and accessibility
Oct 28World Wide Web: Web 2.0
Nov 2Identity and the Internet
Nov 4Identity and the Internet
Nov 9Social computing
Nov 11Social computing
Nov 16Text analysis: theory and a bit of practice
Nov 18Text analysis: theory and a bit of practice
Nov 23Text analysis: theory and a bit of practicefirst assignment due
Nov 25Text analysis: theory and a bit of practice
Nov 30Text analysis: theory and a bit of practice
Dec 2Text analysis: theory and a bit of practice
Dec 7Text analysis: theory and a bit of practice
Dec 9In-class test
Jan 11Visualization
Jan 13Visualization
Jan 18Social profiling: The Numeratisecond assignment due
Jan 20Social profiling: The Numerati
Jan 25Feed
Jan 27Feed
Feb 1Human-computer interaction
Feb 3The study of gaming
Feb 8The study of gaming
Feb 10The posthuman
Feb 15The posthuman
Feb 17In-class test
Mar 1Snow Crashthird assignment due
Mar 3Snow Crash
Mar 8Hypertext
Mar 10Hypertext
Mar 15Copyright and open access
Mar 17Copyright and open access
Mar 22Information management
Mar 24Information management
Mar 29Information overloadfourth assignment due
Mar 31Digital pedagogy
Apr 5Digital pedagogy
Apr 7Review

Marc R. Plamondon, Ph.D. Department of English Studies Nipissing University