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Group information 2014

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This year, each member of the class has been assigned an anonymous alias. Students are encouraged to keep their identities secret until after the research project is complete. The following is a list of the aliases assigned to each group.

Augmented reality in Digital HumanitiesCarolina Jasmine
Day Lily
Musk Mallow
Siberian Squill
Red Trillium
Crown Vetch
Digital maps in literary studiesFoxglove Beardtongue
Bedstraw Bellflower
Spring Cress
Scarlet Lychnis
Rose Pagonia
Birdfoot Trefoil
The environment in digital gamesWhite Avens
Creeping Bellflower
Early Buttercup
Star Chickweed
Purple Loosestrife
Marsh Marigold
Moss Phlox
Twitter use in pedagogyEvening Primrose
Leafy Spurge
Blazing Star
Labrador Tea
Globe Thistle
Blue Vervain

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